Believer>>>> Destroyer

Whats up everyone?! Happy Friday!

So lets start off by saying God is good and he’s good no matter what! Lately, he has been working on me and challenging me as well and its been awesome!!

My prayer life has been filled with so many blessings lately because some of my friends have been asking me to pray for them because either they have been stress about life in general or wanting me to pray for someone in their family. And when they tell me they’re prayers have been answered and they thank me for it all I tell them is that its Jesus, it’s all him! I think God has been telling me when it comes to this is that people do believe in the power of pray, no matter what they will get it answered might not come right away but we have to be patient and trust HIM!

We all need prayer, every single day!

Every week, I meet with my guys group at my church I go to at crossroads and we are starting a new series called “Fear is a liar” and it started last weekend and boy did I gain a lot from it and has changed my stance on fear. In life we all have gone through fears and sometimes that has led us to be down on a lot of things. I’ve learned that Satan wants us to fear a lot and think things will not be okay. Are we going to start to believe the believer or are we going to believe the destroyer? I get it that life gets so hectic and we start to fear about things that have never happened to anyone that we know. It’s like we are wasting away heart beats when we fear things that will never happen to us. Its wasted fear. When we believe and trust in our Sheppard that he will take care of the lies and deceit Satan is trying to do with us, then we can relax and know that God got this.

My pastor Brian told us last week to remember the verse in Psalm 23 which reads:

“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,  he refreshes my soul.
He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.  Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff,  they comfort me.”

I love when it says that when we go through trials and darkness in our lives we won’t fear because you are with me! When we seek HIM and know that he is good then Satan’s plan has failed. Guys, you are not alone, there is a God that is here with you and its wasted fear when you think that you are alone and that all hope is lost. Hope is alive and Jesus is alive.

With the things that are going on in our world today, the media puts a lot of the fear in us more than we do. We need to know that God knows what he is doing and when we seek HIM and fear less then you will see how that can change our lives. He’s still working on me when it comes to this category in my faith journey but this week he’s been doing a lot of things when it comes to working on letting go of my fears and staying calm and trusting in Jesus.

Comforter> Destroyer.


Lies and fear: You are not worthy, you are forgotten, you are not loved and will be alone forever.


Have a great Memorial Day weekend, stay safe!

Here’s the link if you want to hear the sermon from last weekend, the series contiunes to this weekend, come to it, you are welcomed.

Love you all,



Why Being Black In America Is Challenging

I’m sorry, everyone, it’s been awhile since I wrote a blog and for that I apologize. I’ll get back to doing that probably once a week but I really want to do this more often. I am currently writing for a sports blog. It has been great but I want to get back to talking about life and things in general and I want to get my two cents across.

The title of my first blog posting will get people talking and it should because it is a valid question and is very true. 

Today, being black in America is very challenging because of everything that is going on.

I do not like going on social media and seeing another hashtag or another story involving racism, but unfortunately; this happens on a regular basis. On Saturday night, an officer fired on a car carrying a teenager, Jordan Edwards, a freshman at Mesquite High School in nearby Mesquite, Tex. The Police Department in Balch Springs, Tex., spoke out on  Sunday saying the officer, who has not been arrested, open fired on the care because it was reversing down a street toward the officer in an “aggressive manner.” Jordan and his friends had left a pool party after hearing shots fired.

When I first read about this horrible tragedy, I thought to myself, this is another excuse for a cop to pull somebody over.

But Jonathan Haber, the police chief, told reporters at a news conference on Monday afternoon that the video showed the opposite. He said the officer fired when the car was “moving forward as the officers approached,” according to The Associated Press. The Dallas County medical examiner’s report ruled the death a homicide caused by a “rifle wound” to the head.

Unbelievable. So, they basically knew that the car was moving forward, but you know and I know that the police department in Balch Springs, Texas were protecting the one who pulled the trigger. I am puzzled as to why haven’t they released the officer’s name who murdered Edwards. I understand privacy, however; this officer committed a crime and we should know his name as well! 

Edwards, his brothers and his friends had no weapons in the car and they were simply headed home because the party was getting out of hand and they simply wanted to go home.

My heart breaks for the Edwards family and all of the others who have been victims of police brutality. I am not saying this only happens to black people because I am aware it happens to all races. It wouldn’t matter if Jordan was not a honor roll student and was well liked, he could have been rough and rugged and I would still have this same heartbreak and angered feeling because no human being deserves to die like he did, NOBODY! 

I can name a few reasons why it’s hard being black in America. Sometimes, will be judged the way you act, the clothing you wear, the way in which you wear your hat, the type of hairstyle you have, the type of music you listen to (which I believe can have a negative impact, so that one is 50/50). And there are a few that will say “We’ve had a black president so black people are just as equal as everyone.” I laugh at this expression because this tells me that they don’t think racism exists within America.

I’ve been racially profiled before, as well as my older brother. I know some of my black friend have told me stories of them being profiled, as well. It sucks. When some people say “I don’t see color”, I shake my head because the level of ignorance in that statement explains the tension that is going on in our country. 

My friend and I were having a conversation about this topic and she gave me her honest opinion about it and I was happy we had that. She’s white and wants to focus her career as a social worker helping the black community by bringing justice and equality. I gained a lot from her perspective and those are the conversations we need to have where we don’t yell over each other. We need to listen to one another and join hands with all to make those who live in our country equal to everyone, regardless of race.

God made all of us in our image. We all should be treated like human beings instead of what society thinks of a certain race. Black people have done a lot in this world and we should look at that as good news and more to come. Instead, we choose to profile and look at them like they mean nothing to people.

As a follower of Jesus, I pray every single day that, as world in general, we can come together and end this division. We need to be the generation to love, forgive, help, encourage and be there for one another. 

When I heard about this senseless tragedy of Jordan, I thought of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, Walter Scott, Eric Garner, Philando Castle, Alton Sterling and the list goes on. 

One day this will end because I faith in Jesus and he will deliver. We have to trust him and believe in his timing. 

Much love,


Good Friday; Why It’s Okay To Let Your Feelings Out


Good Friday;

Good morning y’all! And Happy Good Friday! This is a very important day in history because it’s the day we remember the death of Jesus. All week, I’ve been looking at the last hours of this day and what I can learn from the people Jesus spoke to from the cross. The last person I explored today is God Himself.

“From noon until three in the afternoon darkness came over all the land. About three in the afternoon Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” (Which means “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”)
Matthew 27:45-46.

When Jesus was on the cross he talked to his Father in heaven. His last words came during a dark, sad moment. The Bible says that Jesus “became sin” for us and that God cannot mix with sin because his nature is pure love. We can’t fully know what took place between them on the cross, but many believe this was a moment of painful separation between Father and Son as Jesus was offered as a sacrifice for sin.

This is why this day is very, very, very bad day for Satan because little do he know that our Lord and Savior rosed from the dead three days later. Take that! I just want to thank you for everything Jesus even though I’m messed up and will never have it all I know that I will have you and that gives me pure joy. I think about the sacrifice you gave to us on this day and how we should never ever doubt your love for us because what you had to endure on the cross is the ultimate love from you!

Take time today to do communion, you don’t have to but just a reminder that you know that Jesus stepped in as the sacrifice for our life!

THANK YOU JESUS! We don’t deserve it but you loved us so much that you saw us worthy on the cross on that day!

It’s okay to let your feelings out;

So this week has been a very challenging one for me and it’s been a tough one as well. I told somebody I know that I like her and I didn’t get the obvious answer I want! Does it suck? Sure it does, it’s very human nature to feel like you got your feelings hurt. But here’s the thing and I’m mainly talking to the guys here. It’s okay to express your feelings to someone! It doesn’t make you weak or unmanly! I don’t like when people say that! There is a reason why Jesus gave us feelings!

I’m not going to go through the details of what took place this week but all I know is that talking with Jesus and friends about it from church has really helped. Don’t get me it really sucks but I just got to know that I have to be patient with Jesus and know there is so many things I have going for myself and that I should not let a rejection effect me. But I’m glad I got it out cause holding it that long will eat you up inside.

Don’t be afraid to show your feelings to anyone male or female. I repeat it doesn’t make you weak!

God bless you all!


A Letter To My Future Wife


Dear Wife,

Im writing to this to you because I want to thank you for accepting me for who I am. I know I’m a bit diffcult with my craziness and loudness but I think the eason you put up with it because you love me so much and that God brought us together for a reason.

Thank you being supportive about my faith even though we go through ups and downs in our marriage you are always there to pray over us and rely on Jesus and that is why I choosed you. Thank you for not judging me on my past because you care that I’m a better person because of it.

I want you to know that I’m always going to be there for you forever and love you as well. Just know that our relationship should be in the reflection of Jesus and it will hit through rough patches but just know that HE will get us out of the storm because our Lord and Savior can do that!

I’m not perfect, I will make mistakes. The reason why are good for each other is cause we can admit our flaws and know that Jesus can heal those.

Thank you for being the most beautiful wife in the whole wide world! Jesus truly blessed me with you! It took awhile for me to find the one but I think the wait was well worth it and I’m so happy and content with you!

Just want to say I love you so much and I can’t wait to see what God is going take us in our paths through life.

1 Corinthians 13:13: “And now these three things remain: faith , hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.”