Why I Don’t Let Valentines Day Bring Me Down Anymore And You Should Do The Same

Hey everybody! So it’s Valentine’s Day weekend and that’s usually the day where either you are in a relationship or married spend the day together and giving presents to the significant other. In my opinion this day should not be in the calendar year because should it be every single day we should love our other and give presents? Should not be on day once a year.

I’m here to tell you my experiences with this day because back then it used to effect me really hard. So I’m 23 years old and I’ve never been in a relationship. And I tell myself “Well, the single lie is good because I can just live free.” I’ll ¬†admit there will be times where I wish I had a significant other but I know Jesus is just waiting patiently with me to find the right girl for me. Man, when this day rolls along I hate it because everywhere I see on social media is pictures of couples and how happy they look.

It used to bother me because I’ve always been lonely on this day. Since accepting Jesus into my life 2 1/2 years ago I’ve come to the conclusion that I should have never let this day get me down in the dumps. Back then I would always say “nobody loves me on this day.” That’s the wrong premense. Jesus loves me and all of you 24/7 and all the days of our lives.

If you don’t know me some might know my testimony into accepting Christ in my life knows that I used to be a porn addict. Basically I would watch it on a daily basis like every single day. When Valentine’s Day came along rolling I would always revert to the computer screen to get love and pleasure. Looking back at it was just me trying to fill the empty spot that I wanted fill because I had no girlfriend. I know for single guys who are dealing with this addiction on this day they would turn to it and I’m just praying that temptation and the lies Satan are feeding them will not get to their hands and know Jesus loves you and will always will!

Another person doesn’t complete you, only Jesus can do that! The best love story isn’t something you see written with pen and paper, it’s God love for his people. It’s the reason why he died on the cross for us!

So to the people that are single on this day and feel like they are lonely! You are not! You have a perfect savior who loves you unconditionally and is always there for you! Don’t let Valentine’s Day come around and you feel like it’s ¬†the end of world of never finding someone. Trust in God’s plan he works in ways where he still amazes me every single day!