Always Remember Jesus Is Good And Everything Is Going To Be Okay

Good evening ya’ll! Hope you all had a great Monday and a nice start to the new week.

So this past weekend was a very tough for the Mapati household as one of many uncles from Kenya where my Mom was born died in a terrible car accident on Saturday morning. It was such big shock around my family and it was just so heartbreaking to here what happened to him.

Also I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. It really meant a lot to the family and love that you all are talking to Jesus and doing with a good heart. So thank you so much, much love!

When my Mom called and told me I first was in shock and had to stop during my workout at the gym and I remember telling Jesus that he is good no matter what and I that I love him and I just ask him to be there for my mom, my auntie in PA and my grandmother in Kenya because they were hurting the most.

I’ve learned that when things like this happen and its a big shock to us we have to know that Jesus is going to be here for us through the pain and trials. I think some people tend to shy away from him and also blame for the unexpected tragedies or trials. We have to know that its not him and that he’s challenge us in those times to put all of our tears and heartache to him and just rely on his faithfulness and goodness.

In life we are going to go through tough times and heartaches, its going to happen. But just remember that everything is going to be okay because when you trust Jesus and do it with all your heart, then you have nothing to worry about. The biggest thing I’ve learn through my faith journey is just talking to him and do it with a heavy heart. He hears you and knows you heart. He will guide you out of the darkness of the valley if you follow the shepherd because we are his sheep.

Everyone, whatever you are going through right now just know that its going to be okay and I’ll be praying for you all! Jesus loves you and really believe that because he does! Nothing is too big for him so submit all of your fears, worries and doubts to him and you will see what he will do to them, KICK IT out of your lives! Good news!

He’s good and always will be!

Love y’all,