It’s All Jesus!

imageGood Morning my beautiful people! So the big man upstairs has been so good lately and giving me opportunities to help spread  his good news to others.

So a friend I work with asked me to pray for her because she feels like she’s been distant with God and wants to be closer with him. When I got that text I first talked with Jesus first asking me how do I go about helping her with it and he just told me to do it out of love just like him. It gave me chills and I believe he’s calling me to check up on my friend periodically I know this will help her find her way back to God which I know she will and as well help with my faith and relationship with God and learn as well throughout it.

Yesterday at work somebody gave me such a nice compliment on how I was such a good guy that always smiles and such and that it brightens their day. That seriously made my day because it’s all because of Jesus! He’s the reason why smile because I’m blessed to be in the world he created for another day! Even through the struggles I go through in my life I continue to put a smile in my face everyday cause God is so good and it’s just amazing how he continues to provide for us in those rough patches.

Another friend of mine made a big decision on her major for school the other day and I told her I was so proud and that it was the right decision to switch it. She said she was so appreciative of me supporting her in it cause not a lot of people that she is close with don’t agree with it which I find really sad. I get why she was so happy that I was supportive of her. The way I see it if your happy with a choice that will better your life then that’s all it matters! You know Jesus is always going to be in support of you! That’s what really matters!

So the matter of this blog is that I’m no inspiration and etc I just want to live like Jesus to the best of my ability. And I’m ever so grateful and humbled but the compliments people have been giving me lately because I take no credit in it I thank my beautiful mom for raising me so good and for Jesus for creating the person that I am.

Peace & Love,



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Follower of Jesus. Work and progress. Saved by his amazing grace and love.

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