Women Are Made In God’s Image And Should Not Be Looked As Objects


This is a topic that have been wearing down heavy on me the last month or so because I’ve just seen it so much on social media and around the world. It frustrates me how women are being treated like or look upon like they are objects and pieces of meat.

I don’t blame this on them but manily on the music industry, tv shows, movies, etc. I think for most guys when we look at a girl that is attractive at first glance we don’t think about her, usually we have dirty thoughts on our mind and etc. We’ve all done it and me as well. I’m trying to look at her like she’s created by Jesus and should be look upon with respect.

The reason why I don’t like rap music is because of how they treat women in their videos. It’s like you have dancers in the background and they are just there to look at it, like it’s just an object over there. That’s really sad to me. But people will say well it’s their decision to go on the videos and do that. Yes, but I for those women they lack self esteem of themselves and think that’s how they are going to get notice.

Also for women out there that think dressing a certain way that is way over the top thinking it will attract a guy to come talk to it will probably but for most men that have respect and don’t look at girls like that will shy away from you cause that’s not the way to present or show yourself. It means that you are uncomfortable or don’t have respect for yourself. God created you all equally beautiful. I know lots of girls have heard that and don’t usually roll with it but it’s the very honest truth!

I love this bible verse right here:

“Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works” 2 Timothy 9-10

This is saying that Jesus want women to respect themselves in a godly way. Don’t let the world think “oh you have to dress in a sexy way to get attention.” No! Forget that nonsense! Be yourself in the way your father in heaven created you!

And for men we lets try and stop looking at women with lustful minds. Trust me it’s hard at times and somedays we trip. But if we think for a second and realize she is made in the creation of God and we should not look at her in any type of way but that. Doesn’t mean we can go up to them and say you are beautiful and gorgeous. Just do it with a pure mind and heart.




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